Προβολή όλων των 7 αποτελεσμάτων

X-Men #4 (Facsimile Edition)

Magneto returns to battle the X-Men, and he’s brought the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants! Courtesy of the boundless imaginations

X-Men Epic Collection: Proteus TP (New Printing)

Claremont and Byrne’s iconic run continues! Magneto has a score to settle with the X-Men – and when he strikes,

Bishop: War College TP

The X-Men like you’ve never seen them before! Krakoa is an island paradise, and it’s a vulnerable one – but

X-CELLENT (2023 Marvel) Complete Set #1-5

Your favorite celebrity super villains are back! Zeitgeist is still on a mission to achieve social media godhood, no matter

MIDNIGHT SUNS (2023 Marvel) Complete Set #1-5

RISE OF THE MIDNIGHT SUNS! A dark prophesy and apocalyptic new villains with horrifying powers the likes of which Earth

ROGUE AND GAMBIT (2023 Marvel) Complete Set #1-5

DESTINY STRIKES YOUR FAVORITE X-MEN DUO! Krakoa is on a precipice. Destiny alone can see what’s coming – but the

X-MEN #94 AthensCon 2019 Black & White Exclusive-ΕΞΑΝΤΛΗΜΕΝΟ

To τεύχος που ο Chris Claremont ξεκίνησε το θρυλικό του run στους X-ΜΕΝ, σε μια oversized B/W έκδοση που αναδεικνύει